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Class for working with PO files

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PO:: (17 methods):

Class: PO  - X-Ref

Routines for working with PO files

export_headers()   X-Ref
Exports headers to a PO entry

return: string msgid/msgstr PO entry for this PO file headers, doesn't contain newline at the end

export_entries()   X-Ref
Exports all entries to PO format

return: string sequence of mgsgid/msgstr PO strings, doesn't containt newline at the end

export( $include_headers = true )   X-Ref
Exports the whole PO file as a string

param: bool $include_headers whether to include the headers in the export
return: string ready for inclusion in PO file string for headers and all the enrtries

export_to_file( $filename, $include_headers = true )   X-Ref
Same as {@link export}, but writes the result to a file

param: string $filename        Where to write the PO string.
param: bool   $include_headers Whether to include the headers in the export.
return: bool true on success, false on error

set_comment_before_headers( $text )   X-Ref
Text to include as a comment before the start of the PO contents

Doesn't need to include # in the beginning of lines, these are added automatically

param: string $text Text to include as a comment.

poify( $string )   X-Ref
Formats a string in PO-style

param: string $string the string to format
return: string the poified string

unpoify( $string )   X-Ref
Gives back the original string from a PO-formatted string

param: string $string PO-formatted string
return: string enascaped string

prepend_each_line( $string, $with )   X-Ref
Inserts $with in the beginning of every new line of $string and
returns the modified string

param: string $string prepend lines in this string
param: string $with prepend lines with this string

comment_block( $text, $char = ' ' )   X-Ref
Prepare a text as a comment -- wraps the lines and prepends #
and a special character to each line

param: string $text the comment text
param: string $char character to denote a special PO comment,

export_entry( &$entry )   X-Ref
Builds a string from the entry for inclusion in PO file

param: Translation_Entry $entry the entry to convert to po string (passed by reference).
return: string|false PO-style formatted string for the entry or

match_begin_and_end_newlines( $translation, $original )   X-Ref
No description

import_from_file( $filename )   X-Ref

param: string $filename
return: boolean

is_final( $context )   X-Ref
Helper function for read_entry

param: string $context
return: bool

read_entry( $f, $lineno = 0 )   X-Ref

param: resource $f
param: int      $lineno
return: null|false|array

read_line( $f, $action = 'read' )   X-Ref

param: resource $f
param: string   $action
return: boolean

add_comment_to_entry( &$entry, $po_comment_line )   X-Ref

param: Translation_Entry $entry
param: string            $po_comment_line

trim_quotes( $s )   X-Ref

param: string $s
return: string

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