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SplFixedArray:: (16 methods):

Class: SplFixedArray  - X-Ref

The SplFixedArray class provides the main functionalities of array. The
main differences between a SplFixedArray and a normal PHP array is that
the SplFixedArray is of fixed length and allows only integers within
the range as indexes. The advantage is that it allows a faster array

__construct($size = 0)   X-Ref
SplFixedArray constructor.

param: int $size

count()   X-Ref

return: int

toArray()   X-Ref

return: array

fromArray(array $array, $save_indexes = true)   X-Ref

return: SplFixedArray
param: array $array
param: bool $save_indexes

getSize()   X-Ref

return: int

setSize($size)   X-Ref

return: bool
param: int $size

offsetExists($index)   X-Ref

return: bool
param: string|int $index

offsetGet($index)   X-Ref

return: mixed
param: string|int $index

offsetSet($index, $newval)   X-Ref

param: string|int $index
param: mixed $newval

offsetUnset($index)   X-Ref

param: string|int $index

rewind()   X-Ref
Rewind iterator back to the start

since: 5.3.0
return: void

current()   X-Ref
Return current array entry

since: 5.3.0
return: mixed The current element value.

key()   X-Ref
Return current array index

return: int The current array index.

next()   X-Ref

return: void

valid()   X-Ref
Check whether the array contains more elements

return: bool true if the array contains any more elements, false otherwise.

__wakeup()   X-Ref
Do nothing.

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