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Sitemaps: WP_Sitemaps class This is the main class integrating all other classes.

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Class: WP_Sitemaps  - X-Ref

Class WP_Sitemaps.

__construct()   X-Ref
WP_Sitemaps constructor.

since: 5.5.0

init()   X-Ref
Initiates all sitemap functionality.

If sitemaps are disabled, only the rewrite rules will be registered
by this method, in order to properly send 404s.

since: 5.5.0

sitemaps_enabled()   X-Ref
Determines whether sitemaps are enabled or not.

return: bool Whether sitemaps are enabled.
since: 5.5.0

register_sitemaps()   X-Ref
Registers and sets up the functionality for all supported sitemaps.

since: 5.5.0

register_rewrites()   X-Ref
Registers sitemap rewrite tags and routing rules.

since: 5.5.0

render_sitemaps()   X-Ref
Renders sitemap templates based on rewrite rules.

since: 5.5.0

redirect_sitemapxml( $bypass, $query )   X-Ref
Redirects a URL to the wp-sitemap.xml

return: bool Bypass value.
since: 5.5.0
param: bool     $bypass Pass-through of the pre_handle_404 filter value.
param: WP_Query $query  The WP_Query object.

add_robots( $output, $public )   X-Ref
Adds the sitemap index to robots.txt.

return: string The robots.txt output.
since: 5.5.0
param: string $output robots.txt output.
param: bool   $public Whether the site is public.

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