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Sitemaps: WP_Sitemaps_Registry class Handles registering sitemap providers.

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Class: WP_Sitemaps_Registry  - X-Ref

Class WP_Sitemaps_Registry.

add_provider( $name, WP_Sitemaps_Provider $provider )   X-Ref
Adds a new sitemap provider.

since: 5.5.0
param: string               $name     Name of the sitemap provider.
param: WP_Sitemaps_Provider $provider Instance of a WP_Sitemaps_Provider.
return: bool Whether the provider was added successfully.

get_provider( $name )   X-Ref
Returns a single registered sitemap provider.

since: 5.5.0
param: string $name Sitemap provider name.
return: WP_Sitemaps_Provider|null Sitemap provider if it exists, null otherwise.

get_providers()   X-Ref
Returns all registered sitemap providers.

since: 5.5.0
return: WP_Sitemaps_Provider[] Array of sitemap providers.

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