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Sitemaps: WP_Sitemaps_Index class. Generates the sitemap index.

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Class: WP_Sitemaps_Index  - X-Ref

Class WP_Sitemaps_Index.
Builds the sitemap index page that lists the links to all of the sitemaps.

__construct( WP_Sitemaps_Registry $registry )   X-Ref
WP_Sitemaps_Index constructor.

since: 5.5.0
param: WP_Sitemaps_Registry $registry Sitemap provider registry.

get_sitemap_list()   X-Ref
Gets a sitemap list for the index.

return: array[] Array of all sitemaps.
since: 5.5.0

get_index_url()   X-Ref
Builds the URL for the sitemap index.

return: string The sitemap index URL.
since: 5.5.0

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