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REST API: WP_REST_Site_Health_Controller class

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WP_REST_Site_Health_Controller:: (11 methods):

Class: WP_REST_Site_Health_Controller  - X-Ref

Core class for interacting with Site Health tests.

__construct( $site_health )   X-Ref
Site Health controller constructor.

since: 5.6.0
param: WP_Site_Health $site_health An instance of the site health class.

register_routes()   X-Ref
Registers API routes.

since: 5.6.0

validate_request_permission( $check )   X-Ref
Validates if the current user can request this REST endpoint.

return: bool
since: 5.6.0
param: string $check The endpoint check being ran.

test_background_updates()   X-Ref
Checks if background updates work as expected.

return: array
since: 5.6.0

test_dotorg_communication()   X-Ref
Checks that the site can reach the WordPress.org API.

return: array
since: 5.6.0

test_loopback_requests()   X-Ref
Checks that loopbacks can be performed.

return: array
since: 5.6.0

test_https_status()   X-Ref
Checks that the site's frontend can be accessed over HTTPS.

return: array
since: 5.7.0

test_authorization_header()   X-Ref
Checks that the authorization header is valid.

return: array
since: 5.6.0

get_directory_sizes()   X-Ref
Gets the current directory sizes for this install.

return: array|WP_Error
since: 5.6.0

load_admin_textdomain()   X-Ref
Loads the admin textdomain for Site Health tests.

The {@see WP_Site_Health} class is defined in WP-Admin, while the REST API operates in a front-end context.
This means that the translations for Site Health won't be loaded by default in {@see load_default_textdomain()}.

since: 5.6.0

get_item_schema()   X-Ref
Gets the schema for each site health test.

return: array The test schema.
since: 5.6.0

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