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Defines 29 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

div()   X-Ref
Create a new HTML div element

return: A jQuery object representing the new element

viewX(x)   X-Ref
Translate selection X to viewport X

param: x
return: Viewport X

viewY(y)   X-Ref
Translate selection Y to viewport Y

param: y
return: Viewport Y

selX(x)   X-Ref
Translate viewport X to selection X

param: x
return: Selection X

selY(y)   X-Ref
Translate viewport Y to selection Y

param: y
return: Selection Y

evX(event)   X-Ref
Get event X and translate it to viewport X

param: event
return: Viewport X

evY(event)   X-Ref
Get event Y and translate it to viewport Y

param: event
return: Viewport Y

touchCoords(event)   X-Ref
Get X and Y coordinates of a touch event

param: event
return: Coordinates object

getSelection(noScale)   X-Ref
Get the current selection

param: noScale
return: Selection object

setSelection(x1, y1, x2, y2, noScale)   X-Ref
Set the current selection

param: x1
param: y1
param: x2
param: y2
param: noScale

adjust()   X-Ref
Recalculate image and parent offsets

update(resetKeyPress)   X-Ref
Update plugin elements

param: resetKeyPress

doUpdate(resetKeyPress)   X-Ref
Do the complete update sequence: recalculate offsets, update the
elements, and set the correct values of x1, y1, x2, and y2.

param: resetKeyPress

hide($elem, fn)   X-Ref
Hide or fade out an element (or multiple elements)

param: $elem
param: fn

areaMouseMove(event)   X-Ref
Selection area mousemove event handler

param: event

docMouseUp(event)   X-Ref
Document mouseup event handler

param: event

areaMouseDown(event)   X-Ref
Selection area mousedown event handler

param: event
return: false

fixAspectRatio(xFirst)   X-Ref
Adjust the x2/y2 coordinates to maintain aspect ratio (if defined)

param: xFirst

doResize()   X-Ref
Resize the selection area respecting the minimum/maximum dimensions and
aspect ratio

selectingMouseMove(event)   X-Ref
Mousemove event handler triggered when the user is selecting an area

param: event
return: false

doMove(newX1, newY1)   X-Ref
Move the selection area

param: newX1
param: newY1

movingMouseMove(event)   X-Ref
Mousemove event handler triggered when the selection area is being moved

param: event
return: false

startSelection()   X-Ref
Start selection

cancelSelection()   X-Ref
Cancel selection

imgMouseDown(event)   X-Ref
Image mousedown event handler

param: event
return: false

windowResize()   X-Ref
Window resize event handler

imgLoad()   X-Ref
Image load event handler. This is the final part of the initialization

styleOptions($elem, props)   X-Ref
Apply style options to plugin element (or multiple elements)

param: $elem
param: props

setOptions(newOptions)   X-Ref
Set plugin options

param: newOptions

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