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Memize options object.

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Defines 2 classes

PluginErrorBoundary:: (4 methods):

PluginArea:: (0 methods):

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Class: PluginErrorBoundary  - X-Ref

WordPress dependencies

registerPlugin(name, settings)   X-Ref
Registers a plugin to the editor.

param: {string}   name     A string identifying the plugin.Must be
param: {WPPlugin} settings The settings for this plugin.
return: {WPPlugin} The final plugin settings object.

unregisterPlugin(name)   X-Ref
Unregisters a plugin by name.

param: {string} name Plugin name.
return: {?WPPlugin} The previous plugin settings object, if it has been

getPlugin(name)   X-Ref
Returns a registered plugin settings.

param: {string} name Plugin name.
return: {?WPPlugin} Plugin setting.

getPlugins(scope)   X-Ref
Returns all registered plugins without a scope or for a given scope.

param: {string} [scope] The scope to be used when rendering inside
return: {WPPlugin[]} The list of plugins without a scope or for a given scope.

Class: PluginArea  - X-Ref

A component that renders all plugin fills in a hidden div.

Functions that are not part of a class:

memize( fn, options )   X-Ref
Accepts a function to be memoized, and returns a new memoized function, with
optional options.

param: {F}             fn        Function to memoize.
param: {MemizeOptions} [options] Options object.
return: {F & MemizeMemoizedFunction} Memoized function.

memoized( )   X-Ref
No description

__webpack_require__(moduleId)   X-Ref
No description

_extends()   X-Ref
No description

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