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guides()   X-Ref
No description

areTipsEnabled()   X-Ref
Reducer that tracks whether or not tips are globally enabled.

param: {boolean} state  Current state.
param: {Object}  action Dispatched action.
return: {boolean} Updated state.

dismissedTips()   X-Ref
Reducer that tracks which tips have been dismissed. If the state object
contains a tip identifier, then that tip is dismissed.

param: {Object} state  Current state.
param: {Object} action Dispatched action.
return: {Object} Updated state.

triggerGuide(tipIds)   X-Ref
Returns an action object that, when dispatched, presents a guide that takes
the user through a series of tips step by step.

param: {string[]} tipIds Which tips to show in the guide.
return: {Object} Action object.

dismissTip(id)   X-Ref
Returns an action object that, when dispatched, dismisses the given tip. A
dismissed tip will not show again.

param: {string} id The tip to dismiss.
return: {Object} Action object.

disableTips()   X-Ref
Returns an action object that, when dispatched, prevents all tips from
showing again.

return: {Object} Action object.

enableTips()   X-Ref
Returns an action object that, when dispatched, makes all tips show again.

return: {Object} Action object.

arrayOf( value )   X-Ref
Returns the first argument as the sole entry in an array.

param: {*} value Value to return.
return: {Array} Value returned as entry in array.

isObjectLike( value )   X-Ref
Returns true if the value passed is object-like, or false otherwise. A value
is object-like if it can support property assignment, e.g. object or array.

param: {*} value Value to test.
return: {boolean} Whether value is object-like.

createCache()   X-Ref
Creates and returns a new cache object.

return: {Object} Cache object.

isShallowEqual( a, b, fromIndex )   X-Ref
Returns true if entries within the two arrays are strictly equal by
reference from a starting index.

param: {Array}  a         First array.
param: {Array}  b         Second array.
param: {number} fromIndex Index from which to start comparison.
return: {boolean} Whether arrays are shallowly equal.

rememo(selector, getDependants )   X-Ref
Returns a memoized selector function. The getDependants function argument is
called before the memoized selector and is expected to return an immutable
reference or array of references on which the selector depends for computing
its own return value. The memoize cache is preserved only as long as those
dependant references remain the same. If getDependants returns a different
reference(s), the cache is cleared and the selector value regenerated.

param: {Function} selector      Selector function.
param: {Function} getDependants Dependant getter returning an immutable
return: {Function} Memoized selector.

getRootCache()   X-Ref
Returns the root cache. If WeakMap is supported, this is assigned to the
root WeakMap cache set, otherwise it is a shared instance of the default
cache object.

return: {(WeakMap|Object)} Root cache object.

getWeakMapCache( dependants )   X-Ref
Returns the cache for a given dependants array. When possible, a WeakMap
will be used to create a unique cache for each set of dependants. This
is feasible due to the nature of WeakMap in allowing garbage collection
to occur on entries where the key object is no longer referenced. Since
WeakMap requires the key to be an object, this is only possible when the
dependant is object-like. The root cache is created as a hierarchy where
each top-level key is the first entry in a dependants set, the value a
WeakMap where each key is the next dependant, and so on. This continues
so long as the dependants are object-like. If no dependants are object-
like, then the cache is shared across all invocations.

param: {Array} dependants Selector dependants.
return: {Object} Cache object.

clear()   X-Ref
Resets root memoization cache.

callSelector( )   X-Ref
The augmented selector call, considering first whether dependants have
changed before passing it to underlying memoize function.

param: {Object} source    Source object for derivation.
param: {...*}   extraArgs Additional arguments to pass to selector.
return: {*} Selector result.

isTipVisible(state, tipId)   X-Ref
Determines whether or not the given tip is showing. Tips are hidden if they
are disabled, have been dismissed, or are not the current tip in any
guide that they have been added to.

param: {Object} state Global application state.
param: {string} tipId The tip to query.
return: {boolean} Whether or not the given tip is showing.

selectors_areTipsEnabled(state)   X-Ref
Returns whether or not tips are globally enabled.

param: {Object} state Global application state.
return: {boolean} Whether tips are globally enabled.

onClick(event)   X-Ref
No description

DotTip(_ref)   X-Ref
No description

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