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addIntroText()   X-Ref
No description

addContainer()   X-Ref
Build the live regions markup.

param: {string} [ariaLive] Value for the 'aria-live' attribute; default: 'polite'.
return: {HTMLDivElement} The ARIA live region HTML element.

clear()   X-Ref
Clears the a11y-speak-region elements and hides the explanatory text.

filterMessage(message)   X-Ref
Filter the message to be announced to the screenreader.

param: {string} message The message to be announced.
return: {string} The filtered message.

setup()   X-Ref
Create the live regions.

speak(message, ariaLive)   X-Ref
Allows you to easily announce dynamic interface updates to screen readers using ARIA live regions.
This module is inspired by the `speak` function in `wp-a11y.js`.

param: {string} message    The message to be announced by assistive technologies.
param: {string} [ariaLive] The politeness level for aria-live; default: 'polite'.

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