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Server-side rendering of the `core/site-logo` block.

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render_block_core_site_logo( $attributes )   X-Ref
Renders the `core/site-logo` block on the server.

return: string The render.
param: array $attributes The block attributes.

register_block_core_site_logo_setting()   X-Ref
Register a core site setting for a site logo

register_block_core_site_icon_setting()   X-Ref
Register a core site setting for a site icon

register_block_core_site_logo()   X-Ref
Registers the `core/site-logo` block on the server.

_override_custom_logo_theme_mod( $custom_logo )   X-Ref
Overrides the custom logo with a site logo, if the option is set.

return: string The site logo if set.
param: string $custom_logo The custom logo set by a theme.

_sync_custom_logo_to_site_logo( $value )   X-Ref
Updates the site_logo option when the custom_logo theme-mod gets updated.

return: mixed
param: mixed $value Attachment ID of the custom logo or an empty value.

_delete_site_logo_on_remove_custom_logo( $old_value, $value )   X-Ref
Deletes the site_logo when the custom_logo theme mod is removed.

param: array $old_value Previous theme mod settings.
param: array $value     Updated theme mod settings.

_delete_site_logo_on_remove_theme_mods()   X-Ref
Deletes the site logo when all theme mods are being removed.

_delete_site_logo_on_remove_custom_logo_on_setup_theme()   X-Ref
Hooks `_delete_site_logo_on_remove_custom_logo` in `update_option_theme_mods_$theme`.
Hooks `_delete_site_logo_on_remove_theme_mods` in `delete_option_theme_mods_$theme`.

Runs on `setup_theme` to account for dynamically-switched themes in the Customizer.

_delete_custom_logo_on_remove_site_logo()   X-Ref
Removes the custom_logo theme-mod when the site_logo option gets deleted.

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