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Elements styles block support.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

wp_get_elements_class_name( $block )   X-Ref
Get the elements class names.

since: 6.0.0
param: array $block Block object.
return: string      The unique class name.

wp_render_elements_support( $block_content, $block )   X-Ref
Update the block content with elements class names.

since: 5.8.0
param: string $block_content Rendered block content.
param: array  $block         Block object.
return: string Filtered block content.

wp_render_elements_support_styles( $pre_render, $block )   X-Ref
Render the elements stylesheet.

In the case of nested blocks we want the parent element styles to be rendered before their descendants.
This solves the issue of an element (e.g.: link color) being styled in both the parent and a descendant:
we want the descendant style to take priority, and this is done by loading it after, in DOM order.

since: 6.0.0
param: string|null $pre_render   The pre-rendered content. Default null.
param: array       $block        The block being rendered.
return: null

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