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Border block support flag.

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wp_register_border_support( $block_type )   X-Ref
Registers the style attribute used by the border feature if needed for block
types that support borders.

param: WP_Block_Type $block_type Block Type.
since: 5.8.0

wp_apply_border_support( $block_type, $block_attributes )   X-Ref
Adds CSS classes and inline styles for border styles to the incoming
attributes array. This will be applied to the block markup in the front-end.

param: WP_Block_Type $block_type       Block type.
param: array         $block_attributes Block attributes.
since: 5.8.0
return: array Border CSS classes and inline styles.

wp_skip_border_serialization( $block_type )   X-Ref
Checks whether serialization of the current block's border properties should

param: WP_Block_Type $block_type Block type.
since: 5.8.0
return: bool

wp_has_border_feature_support( $block_type, $feature, $default = false )   X-Ref
Checks whether the current block type supports the border feature requested.

If the `__experimentalBorder` support flag is a boolean `true` all border
support features are available. Otherwise, the specific feature's support
flag nested under `experimentalBorder` must be enabled for the feature
to be opted into.

param: WP_Block_Type $block_type Block type to check for support.
param: string        $feature    Name of the feature to check support for.
param: mixed         $default    Fallback value for feature support, defaults to false.
since: 5.8.0
return: bool Whether the feature is supported.

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