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SimplePie A PHP-Based RSS and Atom Feed Framework. Takes the hard work out of managing a complete RSS/Atom solution.

Author: Ryan Parman
Author: Sam Sneddon
Author: Ryan McCue
Copyright: 2004-2016 Ryan Parman, Sam Sneddon, Ryan McCue
License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php BSD License
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Defines 1 class

SimplePie_gzdecode:: (3 methods):

Class: SimplePie_gzdecode  - X-Ref

Decode 'gzip' encoded HTTP data

__set($name, $value)   X-Ref
Don't allow anything to be set

param: string $name
param: mixed $value

__construct($data)   X-Ref
Set the compressed string and related properties

param: string $data

parse()   X-Ref
Decode the GZIP stream

return: bool Successfulness

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