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fsockopen HTTP transport

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Requests_Transport_fsockopen:: (7 methods):

Class: Requests_Transport_fsockopen  - X-Ref

fsockopen HTTP transport

request($url, $headers = array()   X-Ref
Perform a request

param: string $url URL to request
param: array $headers Associative array of request headers
param: string|array $data Data to send either as the POST body, or as parameters in the URL for a GET/HEAD
param: array $options Request options, see {@see Requests::response()} for documentation
return: string Raw HTTP result

request_multiple($requests, $options)   X-Ref
Send multiple requests simultaneously

param: array $requests Request data (array of 'url', 'headers', 'data', 'options') as per {@see Requests_Transport::request}
param: array $options Global options, see {@see Requests::response()} for documentation
return: array Array of Requests_Response objects (may contain Requests_Exception or string responses as well)

accept_encoding()   X-Ref
Retrieve the encodings we can accept

return: string Accept-Encoding header value

format_get($url_parts, $data)   X-Ref
Format a URL given GET data

param: array $url_parts
param: array|object $data Data to build query using, see {@see https://secure.php.net/http_build_query}
return: string URL with data

connect_error_handler($errno, $errstr)   X-Ref
Error handler for stream_socket_client()

param: int $errno Error number (e.g. E_WARNING)
param: string $errstr Error message

verify_certificate_from_context($host, $context)   X-Ref
Verify the certificate against common name and subject alternative names

Unfortunately, PHP doesn't check the certificate against the alternative
names, leading things like 'https://www.github.com/' to be invalid.

param: string $host Host name to verify against
param: resource $context Stream context
return: bool

test($capabilities = array()   X-Ref
Whether this transport is valid

return: boolean True if the transport is valid, false otherwise.

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