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SSL utilities for Requests

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Class: Requests_SSL  - X-Ref

SSL utilities for Requests

Collection of utilities for working with and verifying SSL certificates.

verify_certificate($host, $cert)   X-Ref
Verify the certificate against common name and subject alternative names

Unfortunately, PHP doesn't check the certificate against the alternative
names, leading things like 'https://www.github.com/' to be invalid.

return: bool
param: string $host Host name to verify against
param: array $cert Certificate data from openssl_x509_parse()

verify_reference_name($reference)   X-Ref
Verify that a reference name is valid

Verifies a dNSName for HTTPS usage, (almost) as per Firefox's rules:
- Wildcards can only occur in a name with more than 3 components
- Wildcards can only occur as the last character in the first
- Wildcards may be preceded by additional characters

We modify these rules to be a bit stricter and only allow the wildcard
character to be the full first component; that is, with the exclusion of
the third rule.

return: boolean Is the name valid?
param: string $reference Reference dNSName

match_domain($host, $reference)   X-Ref
Match a hostname against a dNSName reference

return: boolean Does the domain match?
param: string $host Requested host
param: string $reference dNSName to match against

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