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HTTP Proxy connection interface

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Requests_Proxy_HTTP:: (7 methods):

Class: Requests_Proxy_HTTP  - X-Ref

HTTP Proxy connection interface

Provides a handler for connection via an HTTP proxy

__construct($args = null)   X-Ref

param: array|null $args Array of user and password. Must have exactly two elements
since: 1.6

register(Requests_Hooks $hooks)   X-Ref
Register the necessary callbacks

param: Requests_Hooks $hooks Hook system
since: 1.6

curl_before_send(&$handle)   X-Ref
Set cURL parameters before the data is sent

param: resource $handle cURL resource
since: 1.6

fsockopen_remote_socket(&$remote_socket)   X-Ref
Alter remote socket information before opening socket connection

param: string $remote_socket Socket connection string
since: 1.6

fsockopen_remote_host_path(&$path, $url)   X-Ref
Alter remote path before getting stream data

param: string $path Path to send in HTTP request string ("GET ...")
param: string $url Full URL we're requesting
since: 1.6

fsockopen_header(&$out)   X-Ref
Add extra headers to the request before sending

param: string $out HTTP header string
since: 1.6

get_auth_string()   X-Ref
Get the authentication string (user:pass)

return: string
since: 1.6

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