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Requests_IDNAEncoder:: (8 methods):

Class: Requests_IDNAEncoder  - X-Ref

IDNA URL encoder

Note: Not fully compliant, as nameprep does nothing yet.

encode($string)   X-Ref
Encode a hostname using Punycode

return: string Punycode-encoded hostname
param: string $string Hostname

to_ascii($string)   X-Ref
Convert a UTF-8 string to an ASCII string using Punycode

return: string ASCII string
param: string $string ASCII or UTF-8 string (max length 64 characters)

is_ascii($string)   X-Ref
Check whether a given string contains only ASCII characters

return: bool Is the string ASCII-only?
param: string $string

nameprep($string)   X-Ref
Prepare a string for use as an IDNA name

return: string Prepared string
param: string $string

utf8_to_codepoints($input)   X-Ref
Convert a UTF-8 string to a UCS-4 codepoint array

Based on Requests_IRI::replace_invalid_with_pct_encoding()

return: array Unicode code points
param: string $input

punycode_encode($input)   X-Ref
RFC3492-compliant encoder

return: string Punycode-encoded string
param: string $input UTF-8 encoded string to encode

digit_to_char($digit)   X-Ref
Convert a digit to its respective character

return: string Single character corresponding to digit
param: int $digit Digit in the range 0-35

adapt($delta, $numpoints, $firsttime)   X-Ref
Adapt the bias

return: int New bias
param: int $delta
param: int $numpoints
param: bool $firsttime

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