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SVG Icons class

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Twenty_Twenty_One_SVG_Icons:: (2 methods):

Class: Twenty_Twenty_One_SVG_Icons  - X-Ref

This class is in charge of displaying SVG icons across the site.

Place each <svg> source on its own array key, without adding either
the `width` or `height` attributes, since these are added dynamically,
before rendering the SVG code.

All icons are assumed to have equal width and height, hence the option
to only specify a `$size` parameter in the svg methods.

get_svg( $group, $icon, $size )   X-Ref
Gets the SVG code for a given icon.

param: string $group The icon group.
param: string $icon  The icon.
param: int    $size  The icon-size in pixels.
return: string
since: Twenty Twenty-One 1.0

get_social_link_svg( $uri, $size )   X-Ref
Detects the social network from a URL and returns the SVG code for its icon.

param: string $uri  Social link.
param: int    $size The icon-size in pixels.
return: string|null
since: Twenty Twenty-One 1.0

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