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File primary-navigation.js. Required to open and close the mobile navigation.

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Defines 4 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

twentytwentyoneToggleAriaExpanded( el, withListeners )   X-Ref
Toggle an attribute's value

since: Twenty Twenty-One 1.0
param: {Element} el - The element.
param: {boolean} withListeners - Whether we want to add/remove listeners or not.

twentytwentyoneCollapseMenuOnClickOutside( event )   X-Ref
No description

twentytwentyoneSubmenuPosition( li )   X-Ref
Changes the position of submenus so they always fit the screen horizontally.

since: Twenty Twenty-One 1.0
param: {Element} li - The li element.

twentytwentyoneExpandSubMenu( el )   X-Ref
Handle clicks on submenu toggles.

since: Twenty Twenty-One 1.0
param: {Element} el - The element.

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