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Twenty Twenty Custom CSS

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twentytwenty_generate_css( $selector, $style, $value, $prefix = '', $suffix = '', $echo = true )   X-Ref
Generate CSS.

since: Twenty Twenty 1.0
param: string $selector The CSS selector.
param: string $style    The CSS style.
param: string $value    The CSS value.
param: string $prefix   The CSS prefix.
param: string $suffix   The CSS suffix.
param: bool   $echo     Echo the styles.

twentytwenty_get_customizer_css( $type = 'front-end' )   X-Ref
Get CSS Built from Customizer Options.
Build CSS reflecting colors, fonts and other options set in the Customizer, and return them for output.

since: Twenty Twenty 1.0
param: string $type Whether to return CSS for the "front-end", "block-editor", or "classic-editor".

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