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Customizer enhancements for a better user experience. Contains extra logic for our Customizer controls & settings.

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twentyTwentySetAccessibleColorsValue( context, backgroundColor, accentHue )   X-Ref
Updates the value of the "accent_accessible_colors" setting.

return: {void}
param: {string} context The area for which we want to get colors. Can be for example "content", "header" etc.
param: {string} backgroundColor The background color (HEX value).
param: {number} accentHue Numeric representation of the selected hue (0 - 359).
since: Twenty Twenty 1.0

twentyTwentySetRetineLogoVisibility( visible )   X-Ref
Shows or hides the "retina_logo" setting based on the given value.

return: {void}
param: {boolean} visible The visible value.
since: Twenty Twenty 1.3

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