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Implement an optional custom header for Twenty Twelve See https://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Headers

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twentytwelve_custom_header_setup()   X-Ref
Set up the WordPress core custom header arguments and settings.

since: Twenty Twelve 1.0

twentytwelve_custom_header_fonts()   X-Ref
Load our special font CSS file.

since: Twenty Twelve 1.2

twentytwelve_header_style()   X-Ref
Style the header text displayed on the blog.

get_header_textcolor() options: 515151 is default, hide text (returns 'blank'), or any hex value.

since: Twenty Twelve 1.0

twentytwelve_admin_header_style()   X-Ref
Style the header image displayed on the Appearance > Header admin panel.

since: Twenty Twelve 1.0

twentytwelve_admin_header_image()   X-Ref
Output markup to be displayed on the Appearance > Header admin panel.

This callback overrides the default markup displayed there.

since: Twenty Twelve 1.0

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