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Touch & Keyboard navigation. Contains handlers for touch devices and keyboard navigation.

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Defines 10 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

debounce(func, wait, immediate)   X-Ref

param: {Function} func
param: {number} wait
param: {boolean} immediate

addClass(el, cls)   X-Ref
Add class.

param: {Object} el
param: {string} cls

deleteClass(el, cls)   X-Ref
Delete class.

param: {Object} el
param: {string} cls

hasClass(el, cls)   X-Ref
Has class?

param: {Object} el
param: {string} cls
returns: {boolean} Has class

toggleAriaExpandedState( ariaItem )   X-Ref
Toggle Aria Expanded state for screenreaders.

param: {Object} ariaItem

openSubMenu( currentSubMenu )   X-Ref
Open sub-menu.

param: {Object} currentSubMenu

closeSubMenu( currentSubMenu )   X-Ref
Close sub-menu.

param: {Object} currentSubMenu

getCurrentParent( child, selector, stopSelector )   X-Ref
Find first ancestor of an element by selector.

param: {Object} child
param: {String} selector
param: {String} stopSelector

removeAllFocusStates()   X-Ref
Remove all off-canvas states.

toggleSubmenuDisplay()   X-Ref
Toggle `focus` class to allow sub-menu access on touch screens.

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