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Common theme functions

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Functions that are not part of a class:

twentynineteen_can_show_post_thumbnail()   X-Ref
Determines if post thumbnail can be displayed.

twentynineteen_image_filters_enabled()   X-Ref
Returns true if image filters are enabled on the theme options.

twentynineteen_get_avatar_size()   X-Ref
Returns the size for avatars used in the theme.

twentynineteen_is_comment_by_post_author( $comment = null )   X-Ref
Returns true if comment is by author of the post.

twentynineteen_get_discussion_data()   X-Ref
Returns information about the current post's discussion, with cache support.

twentynineteen_hsl_hex( $h, $s, $l, $to_hex = true )   X-Ref
Converts HSL to HEX colors.

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