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Twenty Nineteen: Customizer

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twentynineteen_customize_register( $wp_customize )   X-Ref
Add postMessage support for site title and description for the Theme Customizer.

param: WP_Customize_Manager $wp_customize Theme Customizer object.

twentynineteen_customize_partial_blogname()   X-Ref
Render the site title for the selective refresh partial.

return: void

twentynineteen_customize_partial_blogdescription()   X-Ref
Render the site tagline for the selective refresh partial.

return: void

twentynineteen_customize_preview_js()   X-Ref
Bind JS handlers to instantly live-preview changes.

twentynineteen_panels_js()   X-Ref
Load dynamic logic for the customizer controls area.

twentynineteen_sanitize_color_option( $choice )   X-Ref
Sanitize custom color choice.

return: string
param: string $choice Whether image filter is active.

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