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Custom template tags for Twenty Fifteen Eventually, some of the functionality here could be replaced by core features.

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twentyfifteen_comment_nav()   X-Ref
Display navigation to next/previous comments when applicable.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_entry_meta()   X-Ref
Prints HTML with meta information for the categories, tags.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_categorized_blog()   X-Ref
Determine whether blog/site has more than one category.

return: bool True of there is more than one category, false otherwise.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_category_transient_flusher()   X-Ref
Flush out the transients used in {@see twentyfifteen_categorized_blog()}.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_post_thumbnail()   X-Ref
Display an optional post thumbnail.

Wraps the post thumbnail in an anchor element on index views, or a div
element when on single views.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_get_link_url()   X-Ref
Return the post URL.

Falls back to the post permalink if no URL is found in the post.

return: string The Link format URL.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_excerpt_more( $more )   X-Ref
Replaces "[...]" (appended to automatically generated excerpts) with ... and a 'Continue reading' link.

return: string 'Continue reading' link prepended with an ellipsis.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_the_custom_logo()   X-Ref
Displays the optional custom logo.

Does nothing if the custom logo is not available.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.5

wp_body_open()   X-Ref
Fire the wp_body_open action.

Added for backward compatibility to support pre-5.2.0 WordPress versions.

since: Twenty Fifteen 2.5

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