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Twenty Fifteen Customizer functionality

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twentyfifteen_customize_register( $wp_customize )   X-Ref
Add postMessage support for site title and description for the Customizer.

param: WP_Customize_Manager $wp_customize Customizer object.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_customize_partial_blogname()   X-Ref
Render the site title for the selective refresh partial.

return: void
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.5

twentyfifteen_customize_partial_blogdescription()   X-Ref
Render the site tagline for the selective refresh partial.

return: void
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.5

twentyfifteen_get_color_schemes()   X-Ref
Register color schemes for Twenty Fifteen.

Can be filtered with {@see 'twentyfifteen_color_schemes'}.

The order of colors in a colors array:
1. Main Background Color.
2. Sidebar Background Color.
3. Box Background Color.
4. Main Text and Link Color.
5. Sidebar Text and Link Color.
6. Meta Box Background Color.

return: array An associative array of color scheme options.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_get_color_scheme()   X-Ref
Get the current Twenty Fifteen color scheme.

return: array An associative array of either the current or default color scheme hex values.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_get_color_scheme_choices()   X-Ref
Returns an array of color scheme choices registered for Twenty Fifteen.

return: array Array of color schemes.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_sanitize_color_scheme( $value )   X-Ref
Sanitization callback for color schemes.

return: string Color scheme name.
param: string $value Color scheme name value.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_color_scheme_css()   X-Ref
Enqueues front-end CSS for color scheme.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_customize_control_js()   X-Ref
Binds JS listener to make Customizer color_scheme control.

Passes color scheme data as colorScheme global.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_customize_preview_js()   X-Ref
Binds JS handlers to make the Customizer preview reload changes asynchronously.

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_get_color_scheme_css( $colors )   X-Ref
Returns CSS for the color schemes.

return: string Color scheme CSS.
param: array $colors Color scheme colors.
since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

twentyfifteen_color_scheme_css_template()   X-Ref
Output an Underscore template for generating CSS for the color scheme.

The template generates the css dynamically for instant display in the Customizer

since: Twenty Fifteen 1.0

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