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Twenty_Eleven_Ephemera_Widget:: (6 methods):

Class: Twenty_Eleven_Ephemera_Widget  - X-Ref

Widget For displaying post format posts

Handles displaying Aside, Link, Status, and Quote Posts available with Twenty Eleven.

__construct()   X-Ref
PHP5 constructor.

since: Twenty Eleven 2.2

Twenty_Eleven_Ephemera_Widget()   X-Ref
PHP4 constructor.

since: Twenty Eleven 1.0

widget( $args, $instance )   X-Ref
Outputs the HTML for this widget.

since: Twenty Eleven 1.0
param: array $args     An array of standard parameters for widgets in this theme.
param: array $instance An array of settings for this widget instance.

update( $new_instance, $old_instance )   X-Ref
Update widget settings.

Deals with the settings when they are saved by the admin. Here is
where any validation should be dealt with.

since: Twenty Eleven 1.0

flush_widget_cache()   X-Ref
Flush widget cache.

since: Twenty Eleven 1.0

form( $instance )   X-Ref
Set up the widget form.

Displays the form for this widget on the Widgets page of the WP Admin area.

since: Twenty Eleven 1.0

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