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WordPress Administration Screen API.

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get_column_headers( $screen )   X-Ref
Get the column headers for a screen

since: 2.7.0
return: string[] The column header labels keyed by column ID.
param: string|WP_Screen $screen The screen you want the headers for

get_hidden_columns( $screen )   X-Ref
Get a list of hidden columns.

since: 2.7.0
return: string[] Array of IDs of hidden columns.
param: string|WP_Screen $screen The screen you want the hidden columns for

meta_box_prefs( $screen )   X-Ref
Prints the meta box preferences for screen meta.

since: 2.7.0
param: WP_Screen $screen

get_hidden_meta_boxes( $screen )   X-Ref
Gets an array of IDs of hidden meta boxes.

since: 2.7.0
return: string[] IDs of hidden meta boxes.
param: string|WP_Screen $screen Screen identifier

add_screen_option( $option, $args = array()   X-Ref
Register and configure an admin screen option

since: 3.1.0
param: string $option An option name.
param: mixed  $args   Option-dependent arguments.

get_current_screen()   X-Ref
Get the current screen object

since: 3.1.0
return: WP_Screen|null Current screen object or null when screen not defined.

set_current_screen( $hook_name = '' )   X-Ref
Set the current screen object

since: 3.0.0
param: string|WP_Screen $hook_name Optional. The hook name (also known as the hook suffix) used to determine the screen,

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