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Multisite administration functions.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

check_upload_size( $file )   X-Ref
Determine if uploaded file exceeds space quota.

since: 3.0.0
return: array The `$_FILES` array element with 'error' key set if file exceeds quota. 'error' is empty otherwise.
param: array $file An element from the `$_FILES` array for a given file.

wpmu_delete_blog( $blog_id, $drop = false )   X-Ref
Delete a site.

since: 3.0.0
since: 5.1.0 Use wp_delete_site() internally to delete the site row from the database.
param: int  $blog_id Site ID.
param: bool $drop    True if site's database tables should be dropped. Default false.

wpmu_delete_user( $id )   X-Ref
Delete a user from the network and remove from all sites.

since: 3.0.0
return: bool True if the user was deleted, otherwise false.
param: int $id The user ID.

upload_is_user_over_quota( $display_message = true )   X-Ref
Check whether a site has used its allotted upload space.

since: MU (3.0.0)
return: bool True if user is over upload space quota, otherwise false.
param: bool $display_message Optional. If set to true and the quota is exceeded,

display_space_usage()   X-Ref
Displays the amount of disk space used by the current site. Not used in core.

since: MU (3.0.0)

fix_import_form_size( $size )   X-Ref
Get the remaining upload space for this site.

since: MU (3.0.0)
return: int Max size in bytes
param: int $size Current max size in bytes

upload_space_setting( $id )   X-Ref
Displays the site upload space quota setting form on the Edit Site Settings screen.

since: 3.0.0
param: int $id The ID of the site to display the setting for.

refresh_user_details( $id )   X-Ref
Cleans the user cache for a specific user.

since: 3.0.0
return: int|false The ID of the refreshed user or false if the user does not exist.
param: int $id The user ID.

format_code_lang( $code = '' )   X-Ref
Returns the language for a language code.

since: 3.0.0
return: string The language corresponding to $code if it exists. If it does not exist,
param: string $code Optional. The two-letter language code. Default empty.

sync_category_tag_slugs( $term, $taxonomy )   X-Ref
Synchronizes category and post tag slugs when global terms are enabled.

since: 3.0.0
return: WP_Term|array Returns `$term`, after filtering the 'slug' field with `sanitize_title()`
param: WP_Term|array $term     The term.
param: string        $taxonomy The taxonomy for `$term`. Should be 'category' or 'post_tag', as these are

_access_denied_splash()   X-Ref
Displays an access denied message when a user tries to view a site's dashboard they
do not have access to.

since: 3.2.0

check_import_new_users( $permission )   X-Ref
Checks if the current user has permissions to import new users.

since: 3.0.0
return: bool True if the user has proper permissions, false if they do not.
param: string $permission A permission to be checked. Currently not used.

mu_dropdown_languages( $lang_files = array()   X-Ref
Generates and displays a drop-down of available languages.

since: 3.0.0
param: string[] $lang_files Optional. An array of the language files. Default empty array.
param: string   $current    Optional. The current language code. Default empty.

site_admin_notice()   X-Ref
Displays an admin notice to upgrade all sites after a core upgrade.

since: 3.0.0
return: void|false Void on success. False if the current user is not a super admin.

avoid_blog_page_permalink_collision( $data, $postarr )   X-Ref
Avoids a collision between a site slug and a permalink slug.

In a subdirectory installation this will make sure that a site and a post do not use the
same subdirectory by checking for a site with the same name as a new post.

since: 3.0.0
return: array The new array of post data after checking for collisions.
param: array $data    An array of post data.
param: array $postarr An array of posts. Not currently used.

choose_primary_blog()   X-Ref
Handles the display of choosing a user's primary site.

This displays the user's primary site and allows the user to choose
which site is primary.

since: 3.0.0

can_edit_network( $network_id )   X-Ref
Whether or not we can edit this network from this page.

By default editing of network is restricted to the Network Admin for that `$network_id`.
This function allows for this to be overridden.

since: 3.1.0
return: bool True if network can be edited, otherwise false.
param: int $network_id The network ID to check.

_thickbox_path_admin_subfolder()   X-Ref
Thickbox image paths for Network Admin.

since: 3.1.0

confirm_delete_users( $users )   X-Ref

param: array $users

network_settings_add_js()   X-Ref
Print JavaScript in the header on the Network Settings screen.

since: 4.1.0

network_edit_site_nav( $args = array()   X-Ref
Outputs the HTML for a network's "Edit Site" tabular interface.

since: 4.6.0
param: array $args {

get_site_screen_help_tab_args()   X-Ref
Returns the arguments for the help tab on the Edit Site screens.

since: 4.9.0
return: array Help tab arguments.

get_site_screen_help_sidebar_content()   X-Ref
Returns the content for the help sidebar on the Edit Site screens.

since: 4.9.0
return: string Help sidebar content.

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