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WordPress Administration Media API.

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media_upload_tabs()   X-Ref
Defines the default media upload tabs

return: string[] Default tabs.
since: 2.5.0

update_gallery_tab( $tabs )   X-Ref
Adds the gallery tab back to the tabs array if post has image attachments

param: array $tabs
return: array $tabs with gallery if post has image attachment
since: 2.5.0

the_media_upload_tabs()   X-Ref
Outputs the legacy media upload tabs UI.

since: 2.5.0

get_image_send_to_editor( $id, $caption, $title, $align, $url = '', $rel = false, $size = 'medium', $alt = '' )   X-Ref
Retrieves the image HTML to send to the editor.

param: int          $id      Image attachment ID.
param: string       $caption Image caption.
param: string       $title   Image title attribute.
param: string       $align   Image CSS alignment property.
param: string       $url     Optional. Image src URL. Default empty.
param: bool|string  $rel     Optional. Value for rel attribute or whether to add a default value. Default false.
param: string|int[] $size    Optional. Image size. Accepts any registered image size name, or an array of
param: string       $alt     Optional. Image alt attribute. Default empty.
return: string The HTML output to insert into the editor.
since: 2.5.0

image_add_caption( $html, $id, $caption, $title, $align, $url, $size, $alt = '' )   X-Ref
Adds image shortcode with caption to editor.

param: string  $html    The image HTML markup to send.
param: int     $id      Image attachment ID.
param: string  $caption Image caption.
param: string  $title   Image title attribute (not used).
param: string  $align   Image CSS alignment property.
param: string  $url     Image source URL (not used).
param: string  $size    Image size (not used).
param: string  $alt     Image `alt` attribute (not used).
return: string The image HTML markup with caption shortcode.
since: 2.6.0

_cleanup_image_add_caption( $matches )   X-Ref
Private preg_replace callback used in image_add_caption().

since: 3.4.0

media_send_to_editor( $html )   X-Ref
Adds image HTML to editor.

param: string $html
since: 2.5.0

media_handle_upload( $file_id, $post_id, $post_data = array()   X-Ref
Saves a file submitted from a POST request and create an attachment post for it.

param: string $file_id   Index of the `$_FILES` array that the file was sent. Required.
param: int    $post_id   The post ID of a post to attach the media item to. Required, but can
param: array  $post_data Optional. Overwrite some of the attachment.
param: array  $overrides Optional. Override the wp_handle_upload() behavior.
return: int|WP_Error ID of the attachment or a WP_Error object on failure.
since: 2.5.0

media_handle_sideload( $file_array, $post_id = 0, $desc = null, $post_data = array()   X-Ref
Handles a side-loaded file in the same way as an uploaded file is handled by media_handle_upload().

param: string[] $file_array Array that represents a `$_FILES` upload array.
param: int      $post_id    Optional. The post ID the media is associated with.
param: string   $desc       Optional. Description of the side-loaded file. Default null.
param: array    $post_data  Optional. Post data to override. Default empty array.
return: int|WP_Error The ID of the attachment or a WP_Error on failure.
since: 2.6.0
since: 5.3.0 The `$post_id` parameter was made optional.

wp_iframe( $content_func, ...$args )   X-Ref
Outputs the iframe to display the media upload page.

param: callable $content_func Function that outputs the content.
param: mixed    ...$args      Optional additional parameters to pass to the callback function when it's called.
since: 2.5.0
since: 5.3.0 Formalized the existing and already documented `...$args` parameter

media_buttons( $editor_id = 'content' )   X-Ref
Adds the media button to the editor

param: string $editor_id
since: 2.5.0

get_upload_iframe_src( $type = null, $post_id = null, $tab = null )   X-Ref

param: string $type
param: int    $post_id
param: string $tab
return: string

media_upload_form_handler()   X-Ref
Handles form submissions for the legacy media uploader.

return: null|array|void Array of error messages keyed by attachment ID, null or void on success.
since: 2.5.0

wp_media_upload_handler()   X-Ref
Handles the process of uploading media.

return: null|string
since: 2.5.0

media_sideload_image( $file, $post_id = 0, $desc = null, $return = 'html' )   X-Ref
Downloads an image from the specified URL, saves it as an attachment, and optionally attaches it to a post.

param: string $file    The URL of the image to download.
param: int    $post_id Optional. The post ID the media is to be associated with.
param: string $desc    Optional. Description of the image.
param: string $return  Optional. Accepts 'html' (image tag html) or 'src' (URL),
return: string|int|WP_Error Populated HTML img tag, attachment ID, or attachment source
since: 2.6.0
since: 4.2.0 Introduced the `$return` parameter.
since: 4.8.0 Introduced the 'id' option for the `$return` parameter.
since: 5.3.0 The `$post_id` parameter was made optional.
since: 5.4.0 The original URL of the attachment is stored in the `_source_url`

media_upload_gallery()   X-Ref
Retrieves the legacy media uploader form in an iframe.

return: string|null
since: 2.5.0

media_upload_library()   X-Ref
Retrieves the legacy media library form in an iframe.

return: string|null
since: 2.5.0

image_align_input_fields( $post, $checked = '' )   X-Ref
Retrieve HTML for the image alignment radio buttons with the specified one checked.

param: WP_Post $post
param: string  $checked
return: string
since: 2.7.0

image_size_input_fields( $post, $check = '' )   X-Ref
Retrieve HTML for the size radio buttons with the specified one checked.

param: WP_Post     $post
param: bool|string $check
return: array
since: 2.7.0

image_link_input_fields( $post, $url_type = '' )   X-Ref
Retrieve HTML for the Link URL buttons with the default link type as specified.

param: WP_Post $post
param: string  $url_type
return: string
since: 2.7.0

wp_caption_input_textarea( $edit_post )   X-Ref
Output a textarea element for inputting an attachment caption.

param: WP_Post $edit_post Attachment WP_Post object.
return: string HTML markup for the textarea element.
since: 3.4.0

image_attachment_fields_to_edit( $form_fields, $post )   X-Ref
Retrieves the image attachment fields to edit form fields.

param: array  $form_fields
param: object $post
return: array
since: 2.5.0

media_single_attachment_fields_to_edit( $form_fields, $post )   X-Ref
Retrieves the single non-image attachment fields to edit form fields.

param: array   $form_fields An array of attachment form fields.
param: WP_Post $post        The WP_Post attachment object.
return: array Filtered attachment form fields.
since: 2.5.0

media_post_single_attachment_fields_to_edit( $form_fields, $post )   X-Ref
Retrieves the post non-image attachment fields to edit form fields.

param: array   $form_fields An array of attachment form fields.
param: WP_Post $post        The WP_Post attachment object.
return: array Filtered attachment form fields.
since: 2.8.0

image_attachment_fields_to_save( $post, $attachment )   X-Ref
Filters input from media_upload_form_handler() and assigns a default
post_title from the file name if none supplied.

Illustrates the use of the {@see 'attachment_fields_to_save'} filter
which can be used to add default values to any field before saving to DB.

param: array $post       The WP_Post attachment object converted to an array.
param: array $attachment An array of attachment metadata.
return: array Filtered attachment post object.
since: 2.5.0

image_media_send_to_editor( $html, $attachment_id, $attachment )   X-Ref
Retrieves the media element HTML to send to the editor.

param: string  $html
param: int     $attachment_id
param: array   $attachment
return: string
since: 2.5.0

get_attachment_fields_to_edit( $post, $errors = null )   X-Ref
Retrieves the attachment fields to edit form fields.

param: WP_Post $post
param: array   $errors
return: array
since: 2.5.0

get_media_items( $post_id, $errors )   X-Ref
Retrieve HTML for media items of post gallery.

The HTML markup retrieved will be created for the progress of SWF Upload
component. Will also create link for showing and hiding the form to modify
the image attachment.

param: int   $post_id Optional. Post ID.
param: array $errors  Errors for attachment, if any.
return: string
since: 2.5.0

get_media_item( $attachment_id, $args = null )   X-Ref
Retrieve HTML form for modifying the image attachment.

param: int          $attachment_id Attachment ID for modification.
param: string|array $args          Optional. Override defaults.
return: string HTML form for attachment.
since: 2.5.0

get_compat_media_markup( $attachment_id, $args = null )   X-Ref

param: int   $attachment_id
param: array $args
return: array
since: 3.5.0

media_upload_header()   X-Ref
Outputs the legacy media upload header.

since: 2.5.0

media_upload_form( $errors = null )   X-Ref
Outputs the legacy media upload form.

param: array $errors
since: 2.5.0

media_upload_type_form( $type = 'file', $errors = null, $id = null )   X-Ref
Outputs the legacy media upload form for a given media type.

param: string       $type
param: array        $errors
param: int|WP_Error $id
since: 2.5.0

media_upload_type_url_form( $type = null, $errors = null, $id = null )   X-Ref
Outputs the legacy media upload form for external media.

param: string  $type
param: object  $errors
param: int     $id
since: 2.7.0

media_upload_gallery_form( $errors )   X-Ref
Adds gallery form to upload iframe

param: array $errors
since: 2.5.0

media_upload_library_form( $errors )   X-Ref
Outputs the legacy media upload form for the media library.

param: array $errors
since: 2.5.0

wp_media_insert_url_form( $default_view = 'image' )   X-Ref
Creates the form for external url

param: string $default_view
return: string the form html
since: 2.7.0

media_upload_flash_bypass()   X-Ref
Displays the multi-file uploader message.

since: 2.6.0

media_upload_html_bypass()   X-Ref
Displays the browser's built-in uploader message.

since: 2.6.0

media_upload_text_after()   X-Ref
Used to display a "After a file has been uploaded..." help message.

since: 3.3.0

media_upload_max_image_resize()   X-Ref
Displays the checkbox to scale images.

since: 3.3.0

multisite_over_quota_message()   X-Ref
Displays the out of storage quota message in Multisite.

since: 3.5.0

edit_form_image_editor( $post )   X-Ref
Displays the image and editor in the post editor

param: WP_Post $post A post object.
since: 3.5.0

attachment_submitbox_metadata()   X-Ref
Displays non-editable attachment metadata in the publish meta box.

since: 3.5.0

wp_add_id3_tag_data( &$metadata, $data )   X-Ref
Parse ID3v2, ID3v1, and getID3 comments to extract usable data

param: array $metadata An existing array with data
param: array $data Data supplied by ID3 tags
since: 3.6.0

wp_read_video_metadata( $file )   X-Ref
Retrieve metadata from a video file's ID3 tags

param: string $file Path to file.
return: array|false Returns array of metadata, if found.
since: 3.6.0

wp_read_audio_metadata( $file )   X-Ref
Retrieve metadata from an audio file's ID3 tags.

param: string $file Path to file.
return: array|false Returns array of metadata, if found.
since: 3.6.0

wp_get_media_creation_timestamp( $metadata )   X-Ref
Parse creation date from media metadata.

The getID3 library doesn't have a standard method for getting creation dates,
so the location of this data can vary based on the MIME type.

param: array $metadata The metadata returned by getID3::analyze().
return: int|false A UNIX timestamp for the media's creation date if available
since: 4.9.0

wp_media_attach_action( $parent_id, $action = 'attach' )   X-Ref
Encapsulates the logic for Attach/Detach actions.

param: int    $parent_id Attachment parent ID.
param: string $action    Optional. Attach/detach action. Accepts 'attach' or 'detach'.
since: 4.2.0

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