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WordPress Comment Administration API.

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comment_exists( $comment_author, $comment_date, $timezone = 'blog' )   X-Ref
Determine if a comment exists based on author and date.

For best performance, use `$timezone = 'gmt'`, which queries a field that is properly indexed. The default value
for `$timezone` is 'blog' for legacy reasons.

since: 2.0.0
since: 4.4.0 Added the `$timezone` parameter.
return: mixed Comment post ID on success.
param: string $comment_author Author of the comment.
param: string $comment_date   Date of the comment.
param: string $timezone       Timezone. Accepts 'blog' or 'gmt'. Default 'blog'.

edit_comment()   X-Ref
Update a comment with values provided in $_POST.

since: 2.0.0

get_comment_to_edit( $id )   X-Ref
Returns a WP_Comment object based on comment ID.

since: 2.0.0
return: WP_Comment|false Comment if found. False on failure.
param: int $id ID of comment to retrieve.

get_pending_comments_num( $post_id )   X-Ref
Get the number of pending comments on a post or posts

since: 2.3.0
return: int|array Either a single Posts pending comments as an int or an array of ints keyed on the Post IDs
param: int|array $post_id Either a single Post ID or an array of Post IDs

floated_admin_avatar( $name )   X-Ref
Adds avatars to relevant places in admin.

since: 2.5.0
return: string Avatar with the user name.
param: string $name User name.

enqueue_comment_hotkeys_js()   X-Ref

since: 2.7.0

comment_footer_die( $msg )   X-Ref
Display error message at bottom of comments.

param: string $msg Error Message. Assumed to contain HTML and be sanitized.

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