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List Table API: WP_Users_List_Table class

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WP_Users_List_Table:: (14 methods):

Class: WP_Users_List_Table  - X-Ref

Core class used to implement displaying users in a list table.

__construct( $args = array()   X-Ref

since: 3.1.0
param: array $args An associative array of arguments.

ajax_user_can()   X-Ref
Check the current user's permissions.

return: bool
since: 3.1.0

prepare_items()   X-Ref
Prepare the users list for display.

since: 3.1.0

no_items()   X-Ref
Output 'no users' message.

since: 3.1.0

get_views()   X-Ref
Return an associative array listing all the views that can be used
with this table.

Provides a list of roles and user count for that role for easy
Filtersing of the user table.

return: string[] An array of HTML links keyed by their view.
since: 3.1.0

get_bulk_actions()   X-Ref
Retrieve an associative array of bulk actions available on this table.

return: array Array of bulk action labels keyed by their action.
since: 3.1.0

extra_tablenav( $which )   X-Ref
Output the controls to allow user roles to be changed in bulk.

since: 3.1.0
param: string $which Whether this is being invoked above ("top")

current_action()   X-Ref
Capture the bulk action required, and return it.

Overridden from the base class implementation to capture
the role change drop-down.

return: string The bulk action required.
since: 3.1.0

get_columns()   X-Ref
Get a list of columns for the list table.

return: string[] Array of column titles keyed by their column name.
since: 3.1.0

get_sortable_columns()   X-Ref
Get a list of sortable columns for the list table.

return: array Array of sortable columns.
since: 3.1.0

display_rows()   X-Ref
Generate the list table rows.

since: 3.1.0

single_row( $user_object, $style = '', $role = '', $numposts = 0 )   X-Ref
Generate HTML for a single row on the users.php admin panel.

return: string Output for a single row.
since: 3.1.0
since: 4.2.0 The `$style` parameter was deprecated.
since: 4.4.0 The `$role` parameter was deprecated.
param: WP_User $user_object The current user object.
param: string  $style       Deprecated. Not used.
param: string  $role        Deprecated. Not used.
param: int     $numposts    Optional. Post count to display for this user. Defaults

get_default_primary_column_name()   X-Ref
Gets the name of the default primary column.

return: string Name of the default primary column, in this case, 'username'.
since: 4.3.0

get_role_list( $user_object )   X-Ref
Returns an array of translated user role names for a given user object.

return: string[] An array of user role names keyed by role.
since: 4.4.0
param: WP_User $user_object The WP_User object.

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