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List Table API: WP_Plugins_List_Table class

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WP_Plugins_List_Table:: (18 methods):

Class: WP_Plugins_List_Table  - X-Ref

Core class used to implement displaying installed plugins in a list table.

__construct( $args = array()   X-Ref

param: array $args An associative array of arguments.
since: 3.1.0

get_table_classes()   X-Ref

return: array

ajax_user_can()   X-Ref

return: bool

prepare_items()   X-Ref

_search_callback( $plugin )   X-Ref

param: array $plugin
return: bool

_order_callback( $plugin_a, $plugin_b )   X-Ref

param: array $plugin_a
param: array $plugin_b
return: int

no_items()   X-Ref

search_box( $text, $input_id )   X-Ref
Displays the search box.

param: string $text     The 'submit' button label.
param: string $input_id ID attribute value for the search input field.
since: 4.6.0

get_columns()   X-Ref

return: array

get_sortable_columns()   X-Ref

return: array

get_views()   X-Ref

return: array

get_bulk_actions()   X-Ref

return: array

bulk_actions( $which = '' )   X-Ref

param: string $which

extra_tablenav( $which )   X-Ref

param: string $which

current_action()   X-Ref

return: string

display_rows()   X-Ref

single_row( $item )   X-Ref

param: array $item

get_primary_column_name()   X-Ref
Gets the name of the primary column for this specific list table.

return: string Unalterable name for the primary column, in this case, 'name'.
since: 4.3.0

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