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Things: GP_Glossary class

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GP_Glossary:: (9 methods):

Class: GP_Glossary  - X-Ref

Core class used to implement the glossaries.

restrict_fields( $rules )   X-Ref
Sets restriction rules for fields.

since: 1.0.0
param: GP_Validation_Rules $rules The validation rules instance.

path()   X-Ref
Get the path to the glossary.

return: string

by_set_or_parent_project( $translation_set, $project )   X-Ref
Get the glossary by set/project.
If there's no glossary for this specific project, get the nearest parent glossary

return: GP_Glossary|bool
param: GP_Project         $project
param: GP_Translation_Set $translation_set

by_set_id( $set_id )   X-Ref
No description

merge_with_glossary( GP_Glossary $merge )   X-Ref
Merges entries of a glossary with another one.

return: array Array of Glossary_Entry.
since: 2.3.0
param: GP_Glossary $merge The Glossary to merge into the current one.

get_entries()   X-Ref
Retrieves entries and cache them.

return: array Array of Glossary_Entry.
since: 2.3.0

copy_glossary_items_from( $source_glossary_id )   X-Ref
Copies glossary items from a glossary to the current one
This function does not merge then, just copies unconditionally. If a translation already exists, it will be duplicated.

return: mixed
param: int $source_glossary_id

delete()   X-Ref
Deletes a glossary and all of it's entries.

return: bool
since: 2.0.0

get_locale_glossary_project()   X-Ref
Get the virtual Locale Glossary project

return: GP_Project The project
since: 2.3.0

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