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GlotPress Format NGX Translate class

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GP_Format_NGX:: (3 methods):

Class: GP_Format_NGX  - X-Ref

Format class used to support NGX Translate JSON file format.

print_exported_file( $project, $locale, $translation_set, $entries )   X-Ref
Generates a string the contains the $entries to export in the JSON file format.

param: GP_Project         $project         The project the strings are being exported for, not used
param: GP_Locale          $locale          The locale object the strings are being exported for. not used
param: GP_Translation_Set $translation_set The locale object the strings are being
param: GP_Translation     $entries         The entries to export.
since: 3.0.0
return: string The exported JSON string.

read_originals_from_file( $file_name )   X-Ref
Reads a set of original strings from a JSON file.

param: string $file_name The name of the uploaded JSON file.
since: 3.0.0
return: Translations|bool The extracted originals on success, false on failure.

decode_json_file( $file_name )   X-Ref
Decode a JSON file.

param: string $file_name The name of the JSON file to decode.
since: 3.0.0
return: decode JSON file as an array.

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