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BP_XProfile_Field_Type_Checkbox_Acceptance:: (9 methods):

Class: BP_XProfile_Field_Type_Checkbox_Acceptance  - X-Ref

Checkbox Acceptance xProfile field type.

__construct()   X-Ref
Constructor for the Checkbox Acceptance field type.

since: 8.0.0

edit_field_html( array $raw_properties = array()   X-Ref
Output the edit field HTML for this field type.

Must be used inside the {@link bp_profile_fields()} template loop.

since: 8.0.0
param: array $raw_properties Optional key/value array of

admin_field_html( array $raw_properties = array()   X-Ref
Field html for Admin-> User->Profile Fields screen.

since: 8.0.0
param: array $raw_properties properties.

admin_new_field_html( BP_XProfile_Field $current_field, $control_type = '' )   X-Ref
Admin new field screen.

since: 8.0.0
param: BP_XProfile_Field $current_field Profile field object.
param: string            $control_type  Control type.

admin_save_settings( $field_id, $settings )   X-Ref
Save settings from the field edit screen in the Dashboard.

return: bool True on success.
since: 8.0.0
param: int   $field_id ID of the field.
param: array $settings Array of settings.

edit_field_options_html( array $args = array()   X-Ref
Profile edit/register options html.

since: 8.0.0
param: array $args args.

enforce_field_value( $value, BP_XProfile_Field $field )   X-Ref
Enforces the field value if it has been already accepted.

As it's always possible to edit HTML source and remove the `readonly="readonly"` attribute
of the checkbox, we may need to enforce the field value.

return: mixed The field value.
since: 8.0.0
param: mixed             $value Value passed to xprofile_set_field_data().
param: BP_XProfile_Field $field Field object.

is_valid( $value )   X-Ref
Check if field is valid?

return: bool
since: 8.0.0
param: string|int $values value.

display_filter( $field_value, $field_id = 0 )   X-Ref
Modify the appearance of value.

return: string   Value formatted
since: 8.0.0
param: string $field_value Original value of field.
param: int    $field_id field id.

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