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BuddyPress XProfile Admin.

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xprofile_add_admin_menu()   X-Ref
Creates the administration interface menus and checks to see if the DB
tables are set up.

return: bool
since: 1.0.0

xprofile_admin( $message = '', $type = 'error' )   X-Ref
Handles all actions for the admin area for creating, editing and deleting
profile groups and fields.

param: string $message Message to display.
param: string $type    Type of action to be displayed.
since: 1.0.0

xprofile_admin_screen( $message = '', $type = 'error' )   X-Ref
Output the main XProfile management screen.

param: string $message Feedback message.
param: string $type    Feedback type.
since: 2.3.0

xprofile_admin_manage_group( $group_id = null )   X-Ref
Handles the adding or editing of groups.

param: int|null $group_id Group ID to manage.
since: 1.0.0

xprofile_admin_delete_group( $group_id )   X-Ref
Handles the deletion of profile data groups.

param: int $group_id ID of the group to delete.
since: 1.0.0

xprofile_admin_delete_group_screen( $group_id )   X-Ref
Display the delete confirmation screen of profile data groups.

since: 7.0.0

xprofile_admin_manage_field( $group_id, $field_id = null )   X-Ref
Handles the adding or editing of profile field data for a user.

param: int      $group_id ID of the group.
param: int|null $field_id ID of the field being managed.
since: 1.0.0

xprofile_admin_delete_field( $field_id, $field_type = 'field', $delete_data = false )   X-Ref
Handles the deletion of a profile field (or field option).

param: int    $field_id    The field to delete.
param: string $field_type  The type of field being deleted.
param: bool   $delete_data Should the field data be deleted too.
since: 1.0.0

xprofile_admin_delete_field_screen( $field_id, $field_type )   X-Ref
Display the delete confirmation screen of xprofile field/option.

since: 7.0.0

xprofile_ajax_reorder_fields()   X-Ref
Handles the ajax reordering of fields within a group.

since: 1.0.0
since: 8.0.0 Returns a JSON object.

bp_xprofile_ajax_remove_signup_field()   X-Ref
Removes a field from signup fields.

since: 8.0.0

xprofile_ajax_reorder_field_groups()   X-Ref
Handles the reordering of field groups.

since: 1.5.0

xprofile_admin_field( $admin_field, $admin_group, $class = '', $is_signup = false )   X-Ref
Handles the WYSIWYG display of each profile field on the edit screen.

param: BP_XProfile_Field   $admin_field Admin field.
param: object $admin_group Admin group object.
param: string $class       Classes to append to output.
param: bool   $is_signup   Whether the admin field output is made inside the signup group.
since: 1.5.0
since: 8.0.0 Adds the `$is_signup` parameter.

bp_xprofile_admin_get_signup_field( $signup_field, $field_group = null, $class = '', $echo = false )   X-Ref
Handles the WYSIWYG display of signup profile fields on the edit screen.

return: string The HTML output.
param: BP_XProfile_Field   $signup_field The field to use into the signup form.
param: object $field_group The real field group object.
param: string $class       Classes to append to output.
param: bool   $echo        Whether to return or display the HTML output.
since: 8.0.0

bp_xprofile_admin_form_field_types( $select_field_type )   X-Ref
Print <option> elements containing the xprofile field types.

param: string $select_field_type The name of the field type that should be selected.
since: 2.0.0

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