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Groups classes

Version: 7.0.0
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Defines 3 classes

BP_Nouveau_Group_Invite_Query:: (5 methods):

BP_Nouveau_Customizer_Group_Nav:: (8 methods):

BP_Nouveau_Group_Meta:: (2 methods):

Class: BP_Nouveau_Group_Invite_Query  - X-Ref

Query to get members that are not already members of the group

setup_hooks()   X-Ref
Set up action hooks

since: 3.0.0

build_exclude_args()   X-Ref
Exclude group members from the user query as it's not needed to invite members to join the group.

since: 3.0.0

get_group_member_ids()   X-Ref
Get the members of the queried group

since: 3.0.0
return: array $ids User IDs of relevant group member ids

build_meta_query( BP_User_Query $bp_user_query )   X-Ref

since: 3.0.0

get_inviter_ids( $user_id = 0, $group_id = 0 )   X-Ref

since: 3.0.0

Class: BP_Nouveau_Customizer_Group_Nav  - X-Ref

A specific Group Nav class to make it possible to set new positions for

__construct( $object_id = 0 )   X-Ref

param: int $object_id Optional. The random group ID used to generate the nav.

__isset( $key )   X-Ref
Checks whether a property is set.

Overrides BP_Core_Nav::__isset() to avoid looking into its nav property.

since: 3.0.0
return: bool True if the property is set, false otherwise.
param: string $key The property.

__get( $key )   X-Ref
Gets a property.

Overrides BP_Core_Nav::__isset() to avoid looking into its nav property.

since: 3.0.0
return: mixed The value corresponding to the property.
param: string $key The property.

__set( $key, $value )   X-Ref
Sets a property.

Overrides BP_Core_Nav::__isset() to avoid adding a value to its nav property.

since: 3.0.0
param: string $key The property.
param: mixed $value The value of the property.

setup_nav()   X-Ref
Setup a temporary nav with only the needed parameters.

since: 3.0.0

all_groups_fronts( $templates = array()   X-Ref
Front template: do not look into group's template hierarchy.

since: 3.0.0
return: array The list of "global" group front templates.
param: array $templates The list of possible group front templates.

get_default_value()   X-Ref
Get the original order for the group navigation.

since: 3.0.0
return: array a list of nav items slugs ordered.

get_group_nav()   X-Ref
Get the list of nav items ordered according to the Site owner preferences.

since: 3.0.0
return: array the nav items ordered.

Class: BP_Nouveau_Group_Meta  - X-Ref

Group template meta backwards compatibility class.

__get( $key = '' )   X-Ref
Magic getter.

This exists specifically for supporting deprecated object vars.

since: 7.0.0
return: string
param: string $key

__construct()   X-Ref

since: 7.0.0

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