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Functions of BuddyPress's "Nouveau" template pack.

Version: 3.1.0
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Defines 1 class

BP_Nouveau:: (17 methods):

Class: BP_Nouveau  - X-Ref

Loads BuddyPress Nouveau Template pack functionality.

See @link BP_Theme_Compat() for more.

get_instance()   X-Ref
Return the instance of this class.

since: 3.0.0

__construct()   X-Ref
The BP Nouveau constructor.

since: 3.0.0

setup_globals()   X-Ref
BP Nouveau global variables.

since: 3.0.0

includes()   X-Ref

since: 3.0.0

setup_support()   X-Ref
Setup the Template Pack features support.

since: 3.0.0

setup_actions()   X-Ref
Setup the Template Pack common actions.

since: 3.0.0

enqueue_styles()   X-Ref
Enqueue the template pack css files

since: 3.0.0

register_scripts()   X-Ref
Register Template Pack JavaScript files

since: 3.0.0

enqueue_scripts()   X-Ref
Enqueue the required JavaScript files

since: 3.0.0

add_nojs_body_class( $classes )   X-Ref
Adds the no-js class to the body tag.

This function ensures that the <body> element will have the 'no-js' class by default. If you're
using JavaScript for some visual functionality in your theme, and you want to provide noscript
support, apply those styles to body.no-js.

The no-js class is removed by the JavaScript created in buddypress.js.

since: 3.0.0
param: array $classes Array of classes to append to body tag.
return: array $classes

localize_scripts()   X-Ref
Load localizations for topic script.

These localizations require information that may not be loaded even by init.

since: 3.0.0

theme_compat_page_templates( $templates = array()   X-Ref
Filter the default theme compatibility root template hierarchy, and prepend
a page template to the front if it's set.

since: 3.0.0
param: array $templates Array of templates.
return: array

theme_compat_wrapper( $retval )   X-Ref
Add our special 'buddypress' div wrapper to the theme compat template part.

since: 3.0.0
param: string $retval Current template part contents.
return: string

setup_directory_nav()   X-Ref
Define the directory nav items

since: 3.0.0

neutralize_core_template_notices()   X-Ref
We'll handle template notices from BP Nouveau.

since: 3.0.0

customizer_set_uri( $path )   X-Ref
Set the BP Uri for the customizer in case of Ajax requests.

since: 3.0.0
param: string $path the BP Uri.
return: string       the BP Uri.

bp_nouveau()   X-Ref
Get a unique instance of BP Nouveau

since: 3.0.0
return: BP_Nouveau the main instance of the class

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