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BuddyPress Settings Functions

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bp_settings_update_notification_settings( $user_id, $settings )   X-Ref
Update email notification settings for a specific user.

param: int   $user_id  ID of the user whose settings are being updated.
param: array $settings Settings array.
since: 2.3.5

bp_settings_sanitize_notification_settings( $settings = array()   X-Ref
Sanitize email notification settings as submitted by a user.

param: array $settings Array of settings.
since: 2.3.5
return: array Sanitized settings.

bp_settings_get_registered_notification_keys()   X-Ref
Build a dynamic list of allowed notification keys, based on what's hooked to 'bp_notification_settings'.

since: 2.3.5
return: array

bp_settings_personal_data_exporter( $email_address, $page )   X-Ref
Finds and exports personal data associated with an email address from the Settings component.

param: string $email_address  The user's email address.
param: int    $page           Batch number.
since: 4.0.0
return: array An array of personal data.

bp_settings_get_personal_data_request( $user_id = 0 )   X-Ref
Fetches a user's personal data request.

param: int $user_id WP user ID.
since: 4.0.0
return: WP_User_Request|bool WP_User_Request object on success, bool false on failure.

bp_settings_get_personal_data_expiration_date( WP_User_Request $request )   X-Ref
Fetches the expiration date for when a user request expires.

param: WP_User_Request $request User request object.
since: 4.0.0
return: string Formatted date.

bp_settings_get_personal_data_confirmation_date( WP_User_Request $request )   X-Ref
Fetches the confirmation date for a user request object.

param: WP_User_Request $request User request object.
since: 4.0.0
return: string Formatted date for the confirmation date.

bp_settings_get_personal_data_export_url( WP_User_Request $request )   X-Ref
Fetches the URL for a personal data export file.

param: WP_User_Request $request User request object.
since: 4.0.0
return: string Export file URL.

bp_settings_personal_data_export_exists( WP_User_Request $request )   X-Ref
Check if the generated data export file still exists or not.

param: WP_User_Request $request User request object.
since: 4.0.0
return: bool

bp_settings_data_exporter_items()   X-Ref
Template tag to output a list of data exporter items.

Piggybacks off of the 'wp_privacy_personal_data_exporters' filter and the
'exporter_friendly_name' key, which is meant for the admin area.

since: 4.0.0
since: 5.0.0 Looks for a potential exporter's BP/custom friendly name.

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