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Signups Management class.

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BP_Signup:: (12 methods):

Class: BP_Signup  - X-Ref

Class used to handle Signups.

__construct( $signup_id = 0 )   X-Ref
Class constructor.

param: integer $signup_id The ID for the signup being queried.
since: 2.0.0

populate()   X-Ref
Populate the instantiated class with data based on the signup_id provided.

since: 2.0.0

get( $args = array()   X-Ref
Fetch signups based on parameters.

param: array $args {
return: array {
since: 2.0.0
since: 6.0.0 Added a list of allowed orderby parameters.

add( $args = array()   X-Ref
Add a signup.

param: array $args {
return: int|bool ID of newly created signup on success, false on failure.
since: 2.0.0

add_backcompat( $user_login = '', $user_password = '', $user_email = '', $usermeta = array()   X-Ref
Create a WP user at signup.

Since BP 2.0, non-multisite configurations have stored signups in
the same way as Multisite configs traditionally have: in the
wp_signups table. However, because some plugins may be looking
directly in the wp_users table for non-activated signups, we
mirror signups there by creating "phantom" users, mimicking WP's
default behavior.

param: string $user_login    User login string.
param: string $user_password User password.
param: string $user_email    User email address.
param: array  $usermeta      Metadata associated with the signup.
return: int User id.
since: 2.0.0

check_user_status( $user_id = 0 )   X-Ref
Check a user status (from wp_users) on a non-multisite config.

param: int $user_id ID of the user being checked.
return: int|bool The status if found, otherwise false.
since: 2.0.0

validate( $key = '' )   X-Ref
Activate a signup.

param: string $key Activation key.
return: bool True on success, false on failure.
since: 2.0.0

count_signups()   X-Ref
How many inactive signups do we have?

return: int The number of signups.
since: 2.0.0

update( $args = array()   X-Ref
Update the meta for a signup.

This is the way we use to "trace" the last date an activation
email was sent and how many times activation was sent.

param: array $args {
return: int The signup id.
since: 2.0.0

resend( $signup_ids = array()   X-Ref
Resend an activation email.

param: array $signup_ids Single ID or list of IDs to resend.
return: array
since: 2.0.0

activate( $signup_ids = array()   X-Ref
Activate a pending account.

param: array $signup_ids Single ID or list of IDs to activate.
return: array
since: 2.0.0

delete( $signup_ids = array()   X-Ref
Delete a pending account.

param: array $signup_ids Single ID or list of IDs to delete.
return: array
since: 2.0.0

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