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BuddyPress Members Filters. Filters specific to the Members component.

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bp_members_signup_sanitization()   X-Ref
Load additional sign-up sanitization filters on bp_loaded.

These are used to prevent XSS in the BuddyPress sign-up process. You can
unhook these to allow for customization of your registration fields;
however, it is highly recommended that you leave these in place for the
safety of your network.

since: 1.5.0

bp_members_signup_with_subdirectory_blog( $illegal_names = array()   X-Ref
Make sure the username is not the blog slug in case of root profile & subdirectory blog.

If BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES is defined & multisite config is set to subdirectories,
then there is a chance site.url/username == site.url/blogslug. If so, user's profile
is not reachable, instead the blog is displayed. This filter makes sure the signup username
is not the same than the blog slug for this particular config.

return: array $illegal_names
param: array $illegal_names Array of illiegal names.
since: 2.1.0

bp_members_edit_profile_url( $url, $user_id, $scheme = 'admin' )   X-Ref
Filter the user profile URL to point to BuddyPress profile edit.

return: string
param: string $url     WP profile edit URL.
param: int    $user_id ID of the user.
param: string $scheme  Scheme to use.
since: 1.6.0

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