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BuddyPress Groups Filters.

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bp_groups_filter_kses( $content = '' )   X-Ref
Filter output of Group Description through WordPress's KSES API.

param: string $content Content to filter.
since: 1.1.0
return: string

bp_groups_maybe_load_mentions_scripts( $load_mentions, $mentions_enabled )   X-Ref
Should BuddyPress load the mentions scripts and related assets, including results to prime the
mentions suggestions?

param: bool $load_mentions    True to load mentions assets, false otherwise.
param: bool $mentions_enabled True if mentions are enabled.
since: 2.2.0
return: bool True if mentions scripts should be loaded.

bp_groups_disable_at_mention_notification_for_non_public_groups( $send, $usernames, $user_id, BP_Activity_Activity $activity )   X-Ref
Disable at-mention notifications for users who are not a member of the non-public group where the activity appears.

param: bool                 $send      Whether to send the notification.
param: array                $usernames Array of all usernames being notified.
param: int                  $user_id   ID of the user to be notified.
param: BP_Activity_Activity $activity  Activity object.
since: 2.5.0
return: bool

bp_groups_default_avatar( $avatar, $params )   X-Ref
Use the mystery group avatar for groups.

param: string $avatar Current avatar src.
param: array  $params Avatar params.
since: 2.6.0
return: string

bp_groups_user_can_filter( $retval, $user_id, $capability, $site_id, $args )   X-Ref
Filter the bp_user_can value to determine what the user can do
with regards to a specific group.

param: bool   $retval     Whether or not the current user has the capability.
param: int    $user_id
param: string $capability The capability being checked for.
param: int    $site_id    Site ID. Defaults to the BP root blog.
param: array  $args       Array of extra arguments passed.
since: 3.0.0
return: bool

bp_groups_register_personal_data_exporters( $exporters )   X-Ref
Registers Groups personal data exporters.

param: array $exporters  An array of personal data exporters.
since: 4.0.0
since: 5.0.0 adds an `exporter_bp_friendly_name` param to exporters.
return: array An array of personal data exporters.

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