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BuddyPress Friend Filters.

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bp_friends_filter_user_query_populate_extras( $user_query, $user_ids_sql )   X-Ref
Filter BP_User_Query::populate_extras to add confirmed friendship status.

Each member in the user query is checked for confirmed friendship status
against the logged-in user.

since: 1.7.0
param: BP_User_Query $user_query   The BP_User_Query object.
param: string        $user_ids_sql Comma-separated list of user IDs to fetch extra

bp_friends_register_personal_data_exporters( $exporters )   X-Ref
Registers Friends personal data exporter.

since: 4.0.0
since: 5.0.0 adds an `exporter_bp_friendly_name` param to exporters.
return: array An array of personal data exporters.
param: array $exporters  An array of personal data exporters.

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