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BPDB_Multi:: (6 methods):

Class: BPDB_Multi  - X-Ref

__construct()   X-Ref
No description

db_connect( $query = '' )   X-Ref
Figure out which database server should handle the query, and connect to it.

param: string query
return: resource mysql database connection

set_prefix( $prefix, $tables = false )   X-Ref
Sets the prefix of the database tables

param: string prefix
param: false|array tables (optional: false)
return: string the previous prefix (mostly only meaningful if all $table parameter was false)

get_table_from_query( $q )   X-Ref
Find the first table name referenced in a query

param: string query
return: string table

add_db_server( $ds, $args = null )   X-Ref
Add a database server's information.  Does not automatically connect.

param: string $ds Dataset: the name of the dataset.
param: array $args

add_db_table( $ds, $table )   X-Ref
Maps a table to a dataset.

param: string $ds Dataset: the name of the dataset.
param: string $table

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