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BuddyPress Core Theme Compatibility Base Class.

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BP_Theme_Compat:: (6 methods):

Class: BP_Theme_Compat  - X-Ref

Theme Compatibility base class.

This is only intended to be extended, and is included here as a basic guide
for future Theme Packs to use. {@link BP_Legacy} is a good example of
extending this class.

__construct( Array $properties = array()   X-Ref
Pass the $properties to the object on creation.

param: array $properties Array of properties for BP_Theme_Compat.
since: 1.7.0

start()   X-Ref
Set up the BuddyPress-specific theme compat methods.

Themes should use this method in their constructor.

since: 1.7.0

setup_globals()   X-Ref
Set up global data for your template package.

Meant to be overridden in your class. See
{@link BP_Legacy::setup_globals()} for an example.

since: 1.7.0

setup_actions()   X-Ref
Set up theme hooks for your template package.

Meant to be overridden in your class. See
{@link BP_Legacy::setup_actions()} for an example.

since: 1.7.0

__set( $property, $value )   X-Ref
Set a theme's property.

return: bool True on success, false on failure.
param: string $property Property name.
param: mixed  $value    Property value.
since: 1.7.0

__get( $property )   X-Ref
Get a theme's property.

return: mixed The value of the property if it exists, otherwise an
param: string $property Property name.
since: 1.7.0

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