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Core component classes.

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BP_Email_Recipient:: (4 methods):

Class: BP_Email_Recipient  - X-Ref

Represents a recipient that an email will be sent to.

__construct( $email_or_user, $name = '' )   X-Ref

since: 2.5.0
param: string|array|int|WP_User $email_or_user Either a email address, user ID, WP_User object,
param: string $name Optional. If $email_or_user is a string, this is the recipient's name.

get_address()   X-Ref
Get recipient's address.

return: string
since: 2.5.0

get_name()   X-Ref
Get recipient's name.

return: string
since: 2.5.0

get_user( $transform = 'raw' )   X-Ref
Get WP_User object for this recipient.

return: WP_User|null WP_User object, or null if not set.
since: 2.5.0
param: string $transform Optional. How to transform the return value.

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