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Core component classes.

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BP_Button:: (4 methods):

Class: BP_Button  - X-Ref

API to create BuddyPress buttons.

__construct( $args = '' )   X-Ref
Builds the button based on class parameters.

param: array|string $args See {@BP_Button}.
since: 1.2.6

backward_compatibility_args( $r = array()   X-Ref
Provide backward compatibility for deprecated button arguments.

param: array $r See {@link BP_Button} class for full documentation.
return: array
since: 2.7.0.

contents()   X-Ref
Return the markup for the generated button.

return: string Button markup.
since: 1.2.6

display()   X-Ref
Output the markup of button.

since: 1.2.6

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